Build REST resource for LabSpecimen and LabOrderService


In the jsslab module, there is a .java and .hbm.xml file the lab_specimen table/LabSpecimen object. This needs to have a REST resource created. For instructions on creating a REST resource, see, and the related pages REST Web Service Technical Documentation and Adding a Web Service Step by Step Guide for Module Developers. For an example, in the omod code rest directory, see and It may be necessary to add some convenience methods to the LabSpecimen POJO, especially to get names instead of concepts. It will be necessary to create LabSpecimenDAO interface and a HibernateLabSpecimenDAO implementation that contains all the POJO methods (the implementation just delegates them to the POJO). Other reusable methods can be added at the DAO level. It will also be necessary to create or modify LabOrderService and LabOrderServiceImpl to expose all the methods of the DAO (implemented through delegation). Any methods used by the REST resource should be in the LabOrderService. The LabOrderService also contains LabOrder and LabOrderSpecimen and their associated DAOs.




Jianhua Wang


Roger Friedman