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1) Patient name - We are not able to enter name in Hindi. Does it needs a font/language change? And why are there two names? Is it like both these will be linked to two different pages? I am not clear on this.
We have already worked on this and we have a version which lets us input hindi name and we are testing it and making it better. On the next release we will update the code and we can print the registration card with hindi name.

2) Mohalla / Residential area - This field is not required.
Yes, we will remove this field

3) Old patient registration no - If I am not wrong this is for linking the old and new data? Please clarify.
Yes, this helps us tie the existing registration number and the new RAXA JSS EMR Reg no.

4) Registration fee - previously, there were two options - 'On Credit' and 'Fee collected', same is required.
Got it, we will put the old feature back in.

5) Patient registration information - the registration page should show the details with the
previously registered number.
We will work on this. I understand, it would be good for the system to throw an alert if an old patient id which is already in the RAXA JSS system is used again.

6) And finally it would be great if you can arrange the registration module in such way that after submitting the information for one patient, the registration page appears directly rather than the registration homepage.

  • this is done in the newer version.

I will share with you the link to test the updated version of the Registration module and after that , we can update the main code in the server, to be available for Rakesh to use it everyday.

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