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  1. Asterisk based follow-up through call.

  2. SMS based message follow-up.

  3. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for calls implementation.

  4. Local language translation on calls.

  5. Option for patients to record conversations with doctors and later playback.

  6. Doctor UI for creating and viewing followup information.

  7. Voice messaging.

  8. Appointment scheduling system via call.


May 19 - June 5May 25

Setup and test the present codebase. Get it running. Research on telephony server providers and other production setup requirements. Initiate setting up a live server for the existing system.

May 26 - June 4

Start work on the ‘Call based system’. Create UML diagrams and mockups as required. Create a fully functional ‘FollowUpCallHandler’ class. Move current call handler to ‘ReminderCallHandler’ class. Extract generic features to ‘CallHandler’ base class. Create ‘FollowUpResponse’ table as well as corresponding Hibernate classes.