2012-03-30 Pharmacy Module Meeting

Date and Time: March 30, 2012; 8:30am IST

Participants: Barry, Nathan, Shuro, Dan

Objective: Clarify features included from iDart that will be ported into OpenMRS

  • OpenMRS porting status (from Barry and San Francisco state students)
    • Already included in OpenMrs, overlapping functionality
      • Go to patient and find drug regimen
      • Patients
    • Not yet included in OpenMrs
      • DataModel
        • See what is same in tables/fields correspond
        • What needs to be changed in OpenMRS to support iDart?
      • Currently, not yet tied into OpenMRS at all
    • Migrate PostGre to MySql
      • to simplify mapping
      • easier comparison of datatypes 
  • Designs
    • 3 pages
      • Pharmacist
      • Inventory Manager
      • Admin Login
  • Open Questions
    • None
  • ToDos
    • Barry: Make a table of mapping from iDart to OpenMRS datamodel, move this to a Google Doc to make it shared and current (estimated 2-3 weeks to complete, only in partial form before that)
    • Sures: Complete first "complete" draft (estimated EOD today)
    • All: Schedule next meeting in mid-April
    • Saptarshi: Feedback for Barry on OpenMRS porting and designs
    • Nathan: get familiar with iDart codebase